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battle_butler: (Default)
Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 10:55 pm
It happened while he was on his holiday.

Of course they did it while he was on holiday.

They simply wouldn't dare do it any other time.

And now he has Lucius in the front room.

Lucius Fox, Thomas Wayne's friend. His friend. The only member of the board who has ever bothered to ask about Bruce in the seventeen years since the funeral. And now he's here, explaining exactly what happened. The board are taking the company in a direction. Lucius was particularly vocal in objecting to that direction. And now he's off the board.

Damnit, Lucius! You were my in-man to the general state of the board. Now I need to actively cultivate a friendship with someone.

As all this flys through his head, none of it shows on his face, beyond general disappointment that such a good man will be wasted.

"What next for you, then?" he asks politely.

"Oh, they've created a new department for me." Lucius is quite calm, indeed his voice almost sounds amused. "Applied Sciences, they're calling it. It's the End of the Road for me, though."

Alfred raises his eyebrows. He doesn't believe that Lucius would ever accept that. Not really.

"Earle told me it was."

Oh right. If the good Mr Earle is being as bold as that, maybe it's time to cut him down a notch or two? No. Despite what he's learned recently (if a possible hallucination can be considered learning), it's possibly best to actually step back from active involvement in the board's dealings. They seem to have done more in the one week he's been gone than the rest of the year.

Well, at the least, Lucius can tell him someone who still believes in the old ways of running Wayne Enterprises, so he asks, "Is there anyone else on the board who... shares your opinion on how the business should be run? Even if they're not as vocal?"

Lucius ponders this question for a while. "I guess... I guess you could talk to Peter."

"Fredericks. Yes, that's a point. He's a good man."

"No, no. Not Peter Fredericks, though he is another option. I was thinking of Peter Delane. One of the board's younger members, still an idealist at heart, though he has a sharp tongue."

"Peter Delane." Alfred says, nodding. "I know the Delane's, they're an old family." One of those that remember Thomas and Martha properly, not in the idolized manner so many of the cities richest do these days.

Alfred turns to the door that leads to the kitchens. "My appologies, Lucius, would you like a drink?" he says, glancing over his shoulder to see Lucius' simply nod.